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Instructions For Manuscript Preparation

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In order to publish an article in the journal Scientific Bulletin of National Mining University authors should submit it by e-mail or on a CD with a hard copy supplement. After an external review articles should be translated into English.

Text of an article should be laid out on A4 format (210 x 297 mm) page with the following margins set: left and right – 2.0 cm, top and bottom – 2.5 cm. The text of the article should be arranged in two columns with 0.7 cm spacing between them. Use the font Times New Roman throughout, single-spacing, 10-point type and 0.5 cm indention for body text. Use lower-case bold 14-point type for headings. Put subheadings in bold.

Article structure:

– Universal Decimal classification index (in the upper left corner).

– Initials and surnames of all authors (no more than 4 people) and the article title  (up to 10 words) in Ukrainian, Russian and English (one-column format).

– Abstract (200–300 words, only commonly accepted terminology) in Englishshould be structured and contain the following elements: purpose, methodology, findings, originality, practical value, keywords (6–8 words), one-column format. The abstract should not repeat the heading of the article.

– Body text (double-column).

– Reference list.

– Abstracts and keywords (up to 6–8words) in the Ukrainian and Russian languages(two-column format);

– Acknowledgement of the person who recommended the article for publication.

– Title of the section of the journal the article is submitted to.

According to the resolution of Higher Attestation Committee of Ukraine no. 7-05/1 dated 15.01.03 each article should include the following sections:

– An introduction, indicating article’s scientific problem.

– An analysis of the recent research and publications.

– Unsolved aspects of the problem.

– Objectives of the article.

– Presentation of the main research and explanation of scientific results.

– Research conclusions and recommendations for further research in this area.

– The title and number of the project in terms of whichthe presented results were obtained and Acknowledgements to the organizations and/or people contributing to or sponsoring the project (at the discretion of the author) 

The recommended length of articles (including text, tables, and figures) is 6–9 pages. Figures should not exceed 25 % of length of an article. The text should be laconic, and should not contain duplicated information. No running titles and section brakes should be applied in the file.

Figuresmust be provided both in color and grayscale. They must be included in the text after corresponding references and given as separate files TIFF, JPG. EPS (300 dpi). The preferable width for the figures is 8.15 cm; not more than 17 cm for maps, charts, etc. All figures should be placed within the text, not in tables. Lettering, lines and symbols must be readable. Captions under the figures should contain order number and description of the figure and should be put in Italics. Placing the figure numbers and captions inside figures is not allowed.

Equationsshould be entered using Microsoft Word for Windows Editor plug-in or Microsoft Equation, 10-point type. The equations sited in the text are to be numbered in order of their appearance in the text (number in brackets with right justify). Equations should be column width (<8 cm). Long formulas should be divided into parts of 8 cm width. Before and after each formula there should be one empty line. Physical quantities should be measured in SI units. An integer part should be separated from a decimal by a dot.

Tablesmust be in portrait orientation, have titles and be numbered. Preferably tables should not exceed 1 page in length; width should make 8.15 cm or 17 cm. It is recommended to use 8–9-point type (not smaller than 6-point type for big data).

References(no more than 15 items, published not earlier than 5 years before, no more than 20%of self-citations) should be listed in the order of appearance in the text of the article. The in-text references should be given in square brackets. References in the original language are to be presented below as a separate list. The literary sources in Ukrainian and Russian should be provided in the original language and followed by English translation. Transliteration of Ukrainian and Russian names and surnames into Roman alphabet should meet the requirements of the Decision of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated 27, January 2010 No.55. “About Regulation of Transliteration of Ukrainian Alphabet into Roman Alphabet” (for the Ukrainian language) or the requirements of the system BGN/HCGN (for the Russian language). Authors should provide DOI of the cited sources.

An article should be carefully checked and signed by all authors. In addition to the article authors should provide a recommendation letter of a Doctor of Science in the proper area of expertise and a permission to publish. (These documents are to be sent by regular mail) Before submission of the article the authors should indicate the section of the journal for placement the article and should sign the license agreement.

Also the author should submit the following data about all authors of the article: surname, name and patronymic, academic degree, academic rank, place of employment (complete name of organization), position, city, country, phone number, e-mail  and authors' ORCID identifier, in a separate file in English, Ukrainian and Russian (one-column format, comma-separated). During translation of the information about authors, use generally accepted titles of academic degrees, academic ranks, and positions.


A sample articleis available for downloading.

Authors bear responsibility for the content of their articles. Submitted materials are not returned.

Articles that do not meet the requirements will not be considered.

Publishing policy end ethic norms of publication

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The Editors of the journal «Scientific Bulletin of National Mining University », published by the State Higher Educational Institution «National Mining University», maintain a certain level of requirements for selection and accepting of the articles submitted by authors. These rules are determined by the scientific fields covered in the journal. They are regulated by the Certificate on State Registration, and Quality Standards of Scientific Paper and Its Presentation adopted in the scientific community.

Drawing up the items of the publication ethics policy of the journal «Scientific Bulletin of National Mining University » Editors followed the recommendations of Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) and the experience of foreign professional associations and other Ukrainian and foreign research institutions and publishers.

An essential feature of professional scientific community is the acceptance of the moral code which sets the basic rules of behavior and the responsibilities of the scientific community members before each other and in relation to the public. Such a code is defined by the intention to ensure maximum benefit to the professional community and to limit the actions, which could serve the interests of individuals, as well as to ensure an author's intellectual property rights.

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